Open Wide® Mouth Prop

Open Wide® Mouth Prop

Patient friendly Mouth prop has a long handle for better control

The Open Wide® Mouth Prop (OWD) is the perfect adjust to the Surrounds Toothbrush

The Open Wide® Mouth Prop (aka mouth rest) from Specialized Care CO, USA was designed for those who are unable to cooperate  or have difficulty with motor control in keeping their mouths open during oral care. Perfect companion product to the SURROUND® TOOTHBRUSH, the Open Wide® Mouth Prop makes oral hygiene safer and less stressful for both parent/carer and patient.

Simple to use and effective in maintaining oral access, the Open Wide® Mouth Prop has a graduated wedge design with padded handle for stability and comfort, long handle is easy to grip and maintain control during brushing.
Made from a special high-density foam that is durable and difficult to bite through, the Open Wide® Mouth Prop has a rigid wooden core for added stability, yet is comfortable and gentle in the mouth.

The Open Wide® Mouth Prop can be cleaned in hot water or dishwasher, reused repeatedly for the same person and replaced as needed. (Asses the integrity of the outer foam after each use, ‘dimpling’ from the teeth may occur as  the foam depresses when bitten)

Open Wide® Mouth Prop 40% More FoamFor those with more aggressive bites a “thicker” version is available with 40% more foam for added strength.  (OWD-T)

Long favoured by Special Needs Dentist, the Open Wide® Mouth Prop is the preferred mouth prop to facilitate oral care in Nursing Homes, hospitals and home health settings.

See our SURROUND® TOOTHBRUSH page for more information about this unique toothbrush that cleans all surfaces of the teeth at the same time.


Open Wide® Mouth Prop Child FriendlyOpen Wide® Mouth Prop



Open Wide® Mouth Prop

How to Use the Open Wide Prop in uncooperative persons

  1. Insert the Moth Rest with the ridges facing left and right.
  2. Turn the Mouth Rest up so the BACK teeth are positioned on the ridges.
  3. Brush the teeth on the OPPOSITE side of the Mouth Rest. Reverse to brush the other side.

Note that ONLY the BACK teeth should rest on the moth rest, NOT the front teeth.

If the person clenches, so you cannot get the Mouth Rest into the mouth, try dipping the moith rest into apple sauce or jelly before inseting.

Note: The Open Wide Mouth Rest is for single patient use only; it can be cleaned with hot water or in a dishwasher. Check for integrity of the foam before after each use and replace as needed.


Open Wide® Mouth Prop