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Welcome to Precious Kids, an online sensory shop providing everyone with easy access to incredible sensory toys and therapy aides. Precious Kids is an all inclusive sensory shop and we encourage anyone who would benefit from our products to come and have a shop with us, we hope you find everything you need.
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Turtle -Sensory Toys

Sensory Toys and Therapy Aides for Special Needs Children

Precious Kids sensory shop has a wide range of toys, games, activities and therapy aides, with everything you need to bring your child joy and cater to their sensory needs. We have so many great products and will continuously add more new products to our store, but please do not hesitate to email us if there is an item you would like us to try get in stock, as we will always do our best to get items in at your request. It’s all part of our commitment to great customer service!

Ball - Sensory Toys

Sensory Solutions For Special Needs

Our small family business primarily specialises in products that help fulfill the sensory needs of individuals with Autism, ADHD, and Sensory Processing Disorder, but we welcome anyone who would benefit from our products to come have a look. We believe children and their families always deserve to have access to a one stop shop with toys and therapy aides that help them thrive.

Sensory Toys From Precious Kids

Sensory Toys

Children of all ages can stay engaged
and entertained with our sensory toys.

Therapy Aides

Therapy Aides can help assist therapists and carers in providing stimulation and variety in their programs.

Oral Care - Open Wide® Mouth Prop Child Friendly Surround® Tootbrushes

Oral Care

SURROUND® TOOTHBRUSH and Open Wide® Mouth Prop are oral care products to assist in daily life.

Bubble tube with sofa podium

Bubble Tube with Sofa Podium

The light bubble column is a therapeutic tool used in the context of sensory integration therapy.

Surround Toothbrushes


This unique toothbrush cleans all surfaces of the teeth at the same time. Buy yours today.

Plasma Ball